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GSW Evaporative Coolers

The gsw df-22p 22-inch white powder coated 4-way adjustable metal diffuser for evaporative swamp cooler is perfect for keeping the heat out. It features a metal diffuser to create an efficient and durable coolant solution. The unit is also comfortable to use with its easy-to-read viewing window. With its easy-to-use city-groomer, you'll be able to start enjoying your property as soon as possible.

24" White Powder Coated Metal Diffuser for Evaporative/Swamp
20" White Powder Coated Metal Diffuser for Evaporative/Swamp

Free Shipping GSW Evaporative Coolers

The gsw evaporative coolers are a great way to keep your swamp cool while you work in your garden or garage. By using the 20 stainless steel diffuser for evaporative swamp coolers, you can keep the water at a consistent temperature and avoid water damage.
this is a 24-pack of gsw evaporative coolers. These coolers have a 24-step diffuser system that creates a vacuum inside the cooler, keeping the water at a safe temperature. The coolers are designed to work with the df-24p swamp cooler.
the gsw evaporative coolers are perfect for cooling down your water while you drink it. They are made of 12-in-1 stainless steel and have a metal diffuser to ensure that your water is at a comfortable temperature. There is also a water tightness indicator and a temperature control. This tool is perfect for use in a water bath or when regulating the temperature of an evaporative swamp cooler.